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  • BBCX03CX004BUN
Product information "Classic Series Bundle"

We at Gamewarez have developed the first official gaming beanbags for console lovers and handheld gamers. In our opinion, apart from the graphics and the fun of the game, in gaming we believe the most important thing is: comfort. Our beanbags are Made in Germany and are great not just for their design and functionality, but above all for their durability. Thanks to their special quality, they offer a maximum of comfort and thus enable a relaxed gaming experience.

The dimensionally stable EPS beads consist of expanded polystyrene, which is foamed during production. They are particularly light and adapt ideally to the spatial conditions. 

Dimensions beanbag: 95 x 60 x 95cm (LxBxH)

Dimensions station: 50 x 30cm (DxH) 

Please note: Our bundles are shipped in two packages!


Key Features
  • Extremely comfortable, with stable backrest
  • Side pockets with expandable compartments and headset mount to keep the essentials handy
  • Durable and refillable
  • Easy to refill thanks to integrated inner zipper mesh
  • Robust and tear-resistant for extensive and long-term use
  • Made in Germany

With their polyester surface, which is coated with PVC on the inside, the gaming beanbags are not only extremely robust and flame-retardant, but also liquid-repellent, extremely easy to clean - and can therefore also be used as outdoor gaming beanbags.

Synthetic leather

The elegant leather look of this beanbag is inspired by the design of sports car seats. Its surface consists of supple artificial leather, lending the living room a touch of pure Gran Turismo flair.