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With the SNAGGER you get the first refillable, hygienic snack dispenser for your favorite snacks!

Do you like snacking at parties , but find it extremely unhygienic to reach into the bowl with all the other guests?
With the SNAGGER you can easily take your portion into your hand and the remaining SNACKS REMAIN UNTOUCHED .

An eye-catcher and great guest gift for your next party.

Do you like to snack alone, for example while gaming , in the car , in the office or just on the couch ?
Then you can “snag” your portion directly into your mouth and your FINGERS STAY CLEAN!

The special:

  • the SNAGGER is suitable for a variety of commercially available snacks such as peanuts, NicNacs, trail mix, M&Ms, ...
  • Designed for common cup holders in cars, bicycles, camping chairs , etc.
  • simple and ONE-HANDED operation
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher (approved for programs up to 50 degrees)




Velvet delights with its incomparable softness and high-quality texture, creating an appealing tactile experience. This versatile material is not only particularly pleasant on the skin, but also offers heat-insulating and acoustic properties for long-lasting gaming fun.

With its polyester surface, which is coated with PVC on the inside, Fabric offers the perfect conditions for intensive playing fun. Not only is it extremely robust and flame retardant, but it is also easy to clean and can also be used outdoors.

The elegant faux leather look of this gamer bean bag is inspired by
Sports car seats design. Its surface is made of supple
Faux leather and gives the living room pure Gran Turismo flair.

With the fine felt surface, the bean bag becomes an elegant highlight
your living room. Thanks to the robust and easy-care material, the bean bag is not only durable, but also looks great
send out.



Polyester wadding, also known as filling wadding or polyfill, is dimensionally stable, particularly soft and light and adapts ideally to the spatial conditions.

The dimensionally stable EPS beads are made of expanded polystyrene, which are foamed during production. They are particularly light and adapt ideally to the spatial conditions.